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Starting counseling can be a scary and vulnerable decision. That’s why it is of great importance to me to create an environment that is collaborative. I want to know your story, and I believe that you are the expert of you. Let’s use what you know about yourself to create a life that is fulfilling to you. I've learned that suffering can occur when we get stuck in rules, judgements, and faulty beliefs about ourselves and others. Being stuck often prevents us from connecting with ourselves from a place of compassion, and it can keep us distant from the values that we want to uphold in life. This pain is often heightened when our sense of worthiness becomes entangled in this. Learning to connect with mind and body, learning to connect with and live out values, learning to practice psychological flexibility, and learning to practice self-compassion are often skills I work on with clients. I also believe that all of our behaviors are functional on some level; somewhere in life, they have served a valuable purpose. Sometimes, however, these once-functional behaviors become inhibiting. Part of our work may include developing awareness and compassion around this. I enjoy working with those struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, perfectionism, addiction, and life stage transitions. I work with adolescents (13+) and adults. I often use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Internal Family Systems with my clients. In helping you heal from your eating disorder, I use Health at Every Size (HAES), intuitive eating, and intuitive movement principles to inform my practice. I strive to create a space where you can learn to value and appreciate your body for all it does for you.

Licenses & Education

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX #80521)

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from LaGrange College B.S. in Exercise Science from East Tennessee State University

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